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Viaggio nella Cultura Italiana is a cultural project focused on Italian culture & ItalyViaggio aims to spread Italian culture by making it accessible to everyone, everywhere.

In Summer 2020, it started to organize series of cultural events on various themes & topics (e.g. Italian architects, Italian book illustrations, Italian comics) in collaboration with the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Canada - West & the Dante Alighieri Society of BC. In 2021, Viaggio wanted to become something international cultural hub - in the making!

Viaggio nella Cultura Italiana begins with a vision, two Italian friends away from their home country, lots of laughs & few (maybe too many?!) wine glasses on a summer night in Vancouver, BC.  

So, we decided to make our vision come true, together. We have different, but similar, backgrounds - NGOs, legal, education & marketing - and we met while working & teaching for multiple Italian organizations in BC. 

We are Ludovica Soleri & Sonia Del Torto, founders of Viaggio, and we can't wait to share our culture with you!

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Vittoria Guastafierro


I was born and raised in Naples. After studying Literature and Translation at the University of Rome "La Sapienza", I started working as a freelance translator, a job that allowed me to travel and live all around Europe and North Africa. After three years abroad, I returned to Naples to teach English as a Second Language. In 2017, guided by my passion for foreign cultures, I moved to Vancouver and started teaching Italian as a second language, while continuing to work as a translator.

If like me, you're always looking for opportunities to share & enjoy the Italian culture with others, you're in the right place.

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